Boxing Day 2011 - The best day to hide!

Today is what is known in the majority of commonwealth countries as boxing day. Now when I was growing up many years ago nobody could ever tell me where the term came from. Some said it was because that was when all the boxes were thrown out from the various christmas presents. Other people told me it was simply an old tradition but were pretty vague about what it meant. While still one other tried to tell me this was when they traditionally held boxing matches. With definitions like this I sort of assumed none of them had the faintest idea of a clue either.

Today with that wonderful device called Wikipedia it is easy to find out that the origin was that this was the day that wealthy families gave a box containing a gift to their servants. Unlike this traditional version of the day, today will likely manifest itself in a orgy of commercialist delight as all the various retailers try an out compete each other for any cash that was a) left over from the pre-christmas spending spree, b) received as gifts, or c) was found somewhere else and absolutely needs to be spent - you know something like how Sauron's Ring needs to find a new master.

The nicest thing about boxing day, at least in my humble opinion is that it is the best time of the year to stay away from anything that even faintly resembles a shopping mall. Now don't get me wrong it's not because I'm against shopping (although I will admit I can think of many things I'd rather be doing) it's just that I prefer not to be trampled by hordes of shoppers that make Genghis Khan's troops look like a group out for a calm stroll after dinner.


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