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I've always been interested in Latin, but never enough to actually study it though. If I had it would sure have made choosing a title for this blog a lot easier. In any case as you can see from the definitions above, what it essentially boils down to is "My Thoughts", which is what I typed into Google Translator™ to get the title. As an aside the original title I had come up with was "The Ruminator". Now "Ruminator" actually makes sense as it is the noun of the verb ruminate which means to think on or about something in depth. Mind you it also means to chew things over as in a cow ruminates when it chews it cud. But in this context that is udderly ridiculous (yes, the bad jokes come free of charge). Unfortunately when I put the blog together it turned out that I spelt the title and blog name differently and that didn't sit right with me, so I changed it. Also ruminator.blogspot.com belongs to someone else, even though it looks like it is no longer in service.

So with that in mind what will I be thinking, pondering, cogitating, reasoning, and ruminating about (and no, I don't chew my cud). Well to begin with pretty much whatever I want to, so things that strike me as a little on the odd side, bits and pieces from the news I get every day, the wild and whacky world in general.

Now you may ask yourself, who am I to think I can get away with pondering the ways of the world? Hmmm, good question. I guess I'm just a rather ordinary person, who having taken two degrees at university (Bachelor of Arts in 1992, and Bachelor of Education in 2011), as well as lots of other things school related feels they have something to say. I'm sure over time the general theme of this blog will morph a few times, and hopefully then stabilize into a fairly coherent theme, but I'm not sure how long this might take.

If there is anything you would like to suggest for discussion topics, want to get my opinion on, or just generally talk about feel free to comment on my postings. As this is an open blog however, it would be appreciated if you could please endeavour to use proper English.



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