Wages & Mountain Dew

The last couple of days have been interesting with regard to the news, so I've got a bit of catching up to do.

The first bit was with regard to top CEOs making 189 time what the average Canadian makes in a year. According to the news that comes out to $8.38 million. That sounds more like something a professional hockey player would make (which I also don't think is justified, but that's another story). With a wage gap like that is it any wonder that when ever the 6-49 draw comes around that the people are lined up like flies on honey? Now that figure of 189 times is obviously average, and so for fun I decided to see what their $8.5 million would be compared to my last salary, and it turns out to be a lovely 457 times. Now that's simply ridiculous!

Going somewhat hand in hand with this is the problems in London Ontario where Caterpillar subsidiary Progress Rail want to lower the pay rate from $35/hour to $16.50. Now while $35 an hour sounds like a very good job to me, it seems a little harsh to have a 47% pay cut. The various analysts seem to be hinting that it is because there is a new plant in Indiana, which could take advantage of the Buy American policy which sounds like something out of a bad movie.

Okay enough of the bad news, lets look at the goofy stuff.

According to Pepsi the acid in a can of Mountain Dew is strong enough to dissolve the body of a mouse. Now I don't particularly want to know how they know this, nor why they looked into it. But needless to say I doubt it. In any case a man in Illinois by the name of Roland Ball is suing Pepsi because he says he found a dead rodent in a can he purchased in 2009. This statement bring up a couple of questions. First off how many people do you know that keep a can of pop in the house for around 2 years? Second, why did it take him 2 years to make the claim (after all if I found a dead anything in a can of pop I'd do something about it right away).

Sounds like somebody is out to make some money off somebody else. Hopefully Pepsi sticks by their guns and make him prove it. Now the article doesn't say what amount Mr. Ball is suing for, but you can bet if it made the news it's likely a rather substantial amount so it should be rather easy to test this. Each can of pop has a batch number on it, so Pepsi should know the exact date (and likely time) in was put in the can. All that should have to be done is get a mouse (or other suitable animal protein), put it in a sealable container, add the Mountain Dew, and wait. It shouldn't take long!



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