Heaven & Hell

Episode four of Cosmos once again dealt with a wide range of topics but centred itself on environmental conditions of earth and other planets.  It started by talked about the Tunguska event, and proceeded to talk about the cometary impact that from the crater Giordano Bruno on the Moon which was witness by a number of Canterbury monks, and faithfully recorded.

In a different segment he discussed the proposition of  Immanuel Velikovsky's propositon that Venus was created (spat out) by Jupiter, and then went on to discuss the composition of Jupiter & Venus to show there was no way they could be related. He explained how we discovered what the atmosphere of Venus was composed of by going into detail regarding spectroscopy, and demonstrating how it works.  Then went on in detail about the environmental conditions on Venus, the greenhouse effect, and so on.

Once again a fantastic show, that brought back a lot of good memories.



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