One Voice in the Cosmic Fugue

Watched the second episode of Cosmos tonight, and once again I was taken on a trip down memory lane. I can vividly remember watching this series when it was first broadcast in the late 1970s, and being absolutely fascinated by what was being shown.

For those of you who have never seen the show, you are missing a great series that delves into virtually all aspects of science and explains it in such a way that anybody can understand it. In this episode Dr. Sagan deals primarily with the origin of life, and its evolution on the planet earth. He gives an easily understandable explanation of Darwin & Wallace's theory of natural selection, and boldly states that evolution is a fact. This one sentence made so much sense to me that I could never figure out why others couldn't see the logic behind the way he presented it. Still many people to this day hold that evolution is false, and prefer to rely on superstition, fables, and other such stuff in their everyday lives.

I know very well that I'll never be able to convince a true believer of the error of their ways (although I can always hope I suppose), but I'll stand by my convictions knowing that I can demonstrate and explain that there is a logical alternative to the origin of life that does not require input, or control of some mythical being.

In other news I have my first Evidence and Investigation presentation tomorrow, and as both of the classes I'll be talking to are essentially finished the unit I'll be concentrating on a basic review as well as expanding on what the scope of E&I is.



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