Congratulations Mr. Obama

I'd like to congratulate Mr. Obama on his reelection for another 4 years as American president. It's not so much that I'm pro-democrat or anything, it's just that for some reason I would find the United States somewhat hard to take seriously with "President Mitt" at the helm. After all a mitt is something we wear up here in Canada to keep our hand warm. Okay, so I'm obviously not being too serious here, but his policies did seem to be a little on the shaky side, and I think there is enough religion pervading American life without have a devout Mormon as the president.

With this in mind while I was waiting for the election to be concluded I watched a moved entitled "The Book of Eli" with Denzel Washington. All things considered it wasn't a bad movie, in typical Denzel Washington style it was fairly violent, and he always seems to have some type of sword/knife to swing around.

The part I found hard to swallow was the premise behind the whole movie. What I mean by that is that I can accept the fact that there was a nuclear war (according to the movie approximately 30 years in the past), and that there are survivors, etc. The hard part to accept however was that he would travel all that way to protect and preserve a copy of the christian bible. I can think of many other books that would be a lot more suited to being preserved.

So how about a challenge. What would you say was the book that most deserves to be saved if there was only one copy left in the world as the movie suggests. What would you want to have saved, and why?



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